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The Call

Twenty-one years ago, I was in prayer and the Lord spoke into my heart: "I have called you to be a warrior...a valiant one."

This call has been a driving passion in my life: To stand in the gap for those that are lost.

Intercession has become a part of my life and ministry of prevailing before the Lord for training and equipment in the area of prayer.

In 2000, the Lord spoke into my heart: "I have given you the nations." In the year 2001, the call came to take dominion. The Prayer Center of the Pacific was birthed.

In the year of 2002, I saw a vision of fire and wheat and an eagle on the right side above me. The Lord spoke, "Arise and take the land," He whispered. "It shall come to pass." My husband and I planted a large monetary seed in Israel for the vision.

This year, we began to submit to the call by pursuing a blessing from our pastor to begin to work on the Prayer Center of the Pacific. The Holy Spirit led in the birth of the organization. Favor was given in many ways. Doors began to open.

God gave a vision of rain drops filled with fire falling from heaven upon our islands. (A great harvest is coming to our island people.) To pursue the vision, I resigned from my secular job and went into full-time ministry. Later, I took a forty-days fast to honor and glorify our God. I desired to hear Him with clarity and to receive specific directions on how things should be accomplished.

A call was made to the intercessors of our islands. We are in pursuit of the harvest and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not a call of man...This is a call of God to His body to unite in prayer. God is calling you, take heed and obey. Let's unite and bow our hearts together to pray in the harvest hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart before our Lord God Almighty.