Now Available!
The School of Prayer

If you're ready for a deeper prayer life or need a breakthrough, consider attending The School Of Prayer, available through The Prayer Center Of The Pacific. You will learn God's blueprint for prayer based on biblical scriptures.

The School of Prayer partners with pastors and churches to offer a 7-topic course covering information such as Jesus Is Our Intercessor, Power Covenant Prayer Keys, and Strategic Level Warfare Prayer. The seven topics are one hour each which can be taken all together, or one at a time as it suits your schedule.

View the video on the left for more information, and then call 456-PRAY (7729) to register for classes.


"I am excited to hear that Pastor Virginia will be starting the 'School of Prayer.' I encourage all pastors and leaders to attend along with their people to strengthen the Body of Christ, to increase their prayer time with God, and equip them for spiritual warfare."

—Lyn Reynolds
CEO & Founder
Island Women Empowered by God

"Pastor Virginia, of the Prayer Center of the Pacific, is an anointed prayer warrior of the Lord. You will learn just as she has about warfare prayer. Tried and tested, through the fire, and victorious, we are proud of our daughter in the Lord as she imparts to you the power of anointed breakthrough prayer feedings that will bless your life and motivate you to do more for His kingdom."

—Pastors Mariano & Mary Caneso
The Way of Salvation Church

"Virginia Domligan exemplifies a committed, motivated, and passionate woman of fasting and prayer evidenced in her private life and public ministry. She practices fasting and prayer several times a year in addition to organizing groups to pray for our state and beyond to seek intimacy with God. In the School of Prayer you will receive godly insights and provocative challenges in living a powerful and victorious life through prayer and fasting. You will experience fasting and prayer in your head, in your hearts, and in your hands. Come!"

—Pastor Dr. George Nagato
Hawaii Assemblies of God,
District Superintendent
Senior Pastor at Paradise Chapel